Al's Gives Back - Last Hope Rescue 2022

Community Involvement

As a small business in the Cedar Rapids community, Al’s Full Service Auto Repair knows how important it is to be involved with our community. We do this by supporting other local businesses and national organizations that help our community thrive. With that in mind, Al’s Full Service is giving back to our community in different ways while highlighting other businesses doing the same.

Furry Friends in need

Everyone has had a furry friend in their lives at one point or another. But unfortunately, some of our furry friends do not grow up with the loving care and attention that they deserve. That is where rescues like Last Hope Rescue of Cedar Rapids comes in. Their mission is “to save as many homeless, abused, abandoned, hard to place and neglected animals that they can and then place as many animals as possible into loving, forever homes where they will be cherished”. We at Al’s all LOVE our furry friends and wanted to help, this is where our “Al’s Gives Back Program” comes in! 

Finding a way to help our Furry Friends

In January 2022, the employees of Al’s Full Service decided the next recipient of our “Al’s Gives Back” program needed to be an animal shelter after seeing a stray dog in our neighborhood several days in a row. We let our customers decide who the shelter/rescue should be by having a vote on our Facebook page and Last Hope Rescue was a finalist. Through the end of March everyone who visited Al’s was given a ticket to vote for their choice of the finalists and Last Hope Rescue was the overwhelming winner! We are proud to say that a portion of every dollar spent at Al’s from January 1, 2022, through March 31, 2022, was donated and this resulted in $1650.00 to help our furry friends at Last Hope Rescue to have food, toys and a warm and loving place to thrive! Al’s would like to thank everyone who came in to see us in January-March, without your support of our small business helping places like Last Hope Rescue would not be possible. THANK YOU! 

If you are considering a new pet please give Last Hope Rescue in Cedar Rapids a look at

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