Al's Gives Back - Unity Point Health/Penn Center 2021

Community Involvement

As a small business in the Cedar Rapids community, Al’s Full Service Auto Repair knows how important it is to be involved with our community. We do this by supporting other local businesses and national organizations that help our community thrive. With that in mind, Al’s Full Service is giving back to our community in different ways while highlighting other businesses doing the same.

People Needing Help

As the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world in 2020 suddenly life changed. We could not go outside, go to work, or go out to dinner with our loved ones. We were locked down in our homes for the first time in our lives! Most of us used this time to reflect on life, make plans and spend some time working on our homes or projects. But for some, it took its toll on their mental health. Across the world these lockdowns caused suicide to skyrocket! As the months went on, we lost loved ones to covid-19 and suddenly, we were losing them to suicide. Then in August of 2020 Cedar Rapids was devastated by a Derecho that tore down or damaged housing and businesses, while leaving the standing buildings without power for extended periods of time (from days to weeks, and more for some). Along with the stresses of the pandemic this added to the stress of the Cedar Rapids residents. With all the new stresses of 2020 mental health services were in high demand. This is where Unity Point Health Services and The Penn Center came to the rescue. These facilities provide short and long-term residential treatment services for adults with mental health and medical conditions, intellectual disabilities and elderly who require 24-hour treatment and supervision. 

Finding A Way To Help

As a small business in Cedar Rapids Al’s Full Service was right in the middle of the pandemic and the Derecho. Serving thousands of customers every year we were able to hear about their struggles and wanted to find a way to help. In June of 2021 employees of Al’s had a meeting and decided to donate a portion of every dollar that came in for the next 3 months to help our local people. Through many brainstorming sessions we settled on Unity Point Health Services and The Penn Center. The employees of Al’s worked many overtime hours to help as many customers as possible to meet our goal. In October of 2021 we were proud to say that we were able to donate $1500.00 to The Penn Center to help people in need! 

We are so thankful to have places like Unity Point Health Services offering their help to the people of Cedar Rapids. Without them and their services the stresses added to the people of Cedar Rapids in 2020 would have been much worse. Al’s would like to express a very special Thank You to all of the customers who came in during July, August and September of 2021, YOU made this donation possible! 

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