Repair Services

Close up picture of brake on a car in the shop
Brake Repairs

From replacing worn pads, rotors, shoes, drums and other hardware, our full-service brake repair services will ensure you can stop your vehicle safely. We repair disc, drum and ABS brake systems.

Close up picture of the underside of a car where a steering repair is made
Steering Repair

Issues with your car’s steering aren’t something you want to ignore. We’ll get to the bottom of any issues, and repair accordingly – whether it’s a problem with the tie rods, rack n pinon or simply need the power steering flushed, we can do it all.

Close up picture of shocks and strut inside a car
Suspension Repairs

Whether you’re driving with loose or worn components, or need your vehicle realigned to factory specifications, we’ve got you covered. The end result is a much smoother, more comfortable ride.

Brake Pads and rotors
Brake Shoes and Drums
Brake Lines
Brake Calipers
Brake Wheel Cylinders
Brake hardware
Brake Hoses
Wheel bearings
Brake Fluid Flushes
ABS Pumps
ABS Modules
ABS Sensors
Brake Master Cylinders
Brake Boosters
Parking Brakes

Power steering fluid flushes
Tie rods
Drag links
Pitman arms
Idler arms
Steering columns
Steering gear boxes
Rack N Pinions
Power steering pumps
Power steering coolers
Power steering lines
Steering angle sensors
2 Wheel alignments
4 Wheel alignments

Ball joints
Control arms
Sway bar links
Sway bar bushings
Trailing arms
Coil springs
Leaf springs
Spring shackles

Picture of a white car receiving an a:c service inside a shop
AC System Repairs

Your vehicle’s AC system is far more complex than you might think, and it relies on a plethora of parts and components to operate properly. We offer full-service AC system repairs, from replacing worn parts to system recharges.

Picture of a heater button in a car turned all the way up with a description that reads "no heat"
Heating System Repairs

Similar to a vehicle’s AC system, its heating system is also complex. We’ll carefully inspect the system for issues and perform repairs accordingly to get your heat back up and running.

Close up picture of a hand holding a fuel system on a white background
Fuel System Repairs

If it’s a bad fuel pump, fuel injector problem, direct injection service and other related services we’ll keep your fuel system operating efficiently.

A/C system evacuation and recharge



Receiver Driers

Hoses and lines


Compressor Belts
Belt tensioners

Orifice tubes

Expansion valves

Pressure switches

Ambient temp sensors

Blend door motors

recirculation door motors

Blower motors


Switches and dash controls

Condenser cooling fans

Heater Cores

Heater hoses


Switches and dash controls

Blower motors


Blend door motors

recirculation door motors

GDI maintenace flushes

Fuel Injectors

Fuel Lines

Fuel Filters

Fuel Pumps

Fuel Tanks

Fuel Tank Filler Necks

Fuel Hoses

Fuel gauges

Fuel level sensors

High pressure fuel pumps

Fuel trim systems

Fuel pump relays

Fuel pump control modules


Close up picture of a man installing a cooling system in a vehicle
Cooling System Repairs

A cooling system leak can be a major problem, we can fix any cooling system leak and remember that routine coolant flushes is important to ensure the system’s overall health and well-being.

Close up picture of someone holding a starter replacement
Starting System Repairs

A good starting system is where it all starts! Whether it is a battery, starter, ignition switch or something else, we have it covered. We’ll make the necessary fixes to your starting system so that the vehicle starts properly.


Close up picture of a starting system
Charging System Repairs

A vehicle’s charging system needs to generate enough power to run today’s complex electrical systems. Whether it’s a dead battery, bad alternator or some other cause, we’ll diagnose the problem and get to the bottom of any issues.


Cooling system flushes

Water Pumps




Radiator cooling fans

Engine temperature switches






Ignition Switches










Tensioner pulleys

Belt tensioners

Idler pulleys

Close up picture of a grey car's lightbulb
Lighting Repairs

Lighting issues are also potential safety issues. Whether it’s bad wiring or something as simple as a burned-out bulb, we’ll perform the necessary fixes so you’re driving safely again.

Picture of a balanced car tire inside a car shop

New Tire Sales, TPMS System Repair,

Tire Mounting, Balancing & Repair

While we can patch tires and seal rims to make necessary repairs, we also sell new tires to replace those that cannot be repaired.

Close up photo of an engine receiving an engine repair
Engine Repairs

The engine is heart that drives your vehicle. It’s also the most important and extensive component of any vehicle. Maintaining your engine and performing the necessary repairs is important for the long-term health of any car.


Headlights bulbs

headlight lenses

high beam

low beam

high intensity

fog lights

tail lights

brake lights

turn signals

parking lights

emergency flashers

turn signal switches

headlight switches

fog light switches

brake light switches

multi function switches

tail light lenses





Tire rotations

New tire sales

Tire repairs

Tire pressure monitor systems

Tire mounting and balancing


Lug studs

Lug nuts

Spare tires

Spare tire lifts






timing belts

serpentine belts

engine mounts

Close up of a man's hand holding an ignition system
Ignition Systems Repairs

If your engine cranks and won’t start or runs rough, it could be an issue with the ignition system. Whether it’s a bad ignition coil, spark plug or wire set, we’ll make the necessary repairs to get your vehicle running smoothly once again.

Close up picture of a hand making a transmission repairs
Transmission Repairs &

Transmission Fluid Changes

Next to the engine, your car’s transmission is the next most important and expensive component. That is why routine fluid flushes are important now, more than ever, to avoiding a costly transmission replacement.

Close up of odometer with multiple repair lights on
Engine Management Repairs

“Check Engine” light on? Then you’ve got a problem that shouldn’t be ignored. We’ll take a look at all of the related systems and components, make only the needed repairs to get rid of the pesky “Check Engine” light.


tune ups

spark plugs




plug wires

transmission fluid flushes



speed sensors



transmission mounts

oxygen sensors

mass air flow sensors

camshaft sensors

crankshaft sensors

knock sensors

oil pressure sensors

coolant temp sensors

variable valve timing sensors

throttle position sensors

throttle bodies

air/fuel ratio sensors

engine temp sensors

oil level sensors

PCM/ECM replacement

BCM replacement

wiring harnesses

Close up picture of a driveshaft
Driveshaft Repairs

If you catch driveshaft issues quickly enough, we can likely resolve the issue by servicing the joints. However, further repairs may also be necessary if you wait too long.

Close up picture of a differential repair
Differential Repairs

Rear-wheel, front-wheel, all wheel and Four wheel drive vehicles often need their differentials serviced from time to time. Whether it’s a repair or a fluid change, we’ll get your differential repaired.

Close up picture Transfer Case on a dark background
Transfer Case Repairs

Problems with your vehicle’s four-wheel drive? The transfer case might be the culprit. The good news is that these components can often be rebuilt or just repaired- and we can help.

U joints

CV joints

CV shafts


carrier bearings

differential fluid exchanges




Transfer case fluid exchanges




actuator motors


Picture of 2 deployed airbags in a car
Safety System Repairs

The safety system isn’t just important for your own safety, but for the safety of others who are sharing the road with you. We carefully inspect, diagnose and repair any issues with the safety system.

Picture of Seat Heaters in orange with a circular heat seater button on the front of the photo
Convenience System Repairs

From keyless entry to remote start to other convenience features, often you don’t realize what you had until it’s not working any longer. Let us have a look at the system so we can fully restore the features that you’ve come to enjoy so much.

Seat belts

Air bags

back up sensors

Air bag sensors

Air bag modules

Air bag clock springs


Horn pads

electric mirrors

electric mirror switches

power window motors

power window switches

power door lock actuators

power door lock switches

power seat motors

power seat switches

windshield wiper motors

windshield wiper switches

windshield wiper transmissions

windshield wiper arms

windshield wiper blades

tilt steering

Instrument clusters

Interior lighting

dash lighting

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