Al's Gives Back - Willie Ray's Q Shack 2021

As a small business in the Cedar Rapids community, Al’s Full Service Auto Repair knows how important it is to be involved with our community. We do this by supporting other local businesses and national organizations that help our community thrive. With that in mind, Al’s Full Service is giving back to our community in different ways while highlighting other businesses doing the same.

Working Together

In August of 2020, Cedar Rapids and surrounding cities were devastated by a Derecho that tore down or damaged housing and businesses, while leaving the standing buildings without power for extended periods of time (from a few days to weeks, and more for some). As communities came together to clear debris, share supplies and provide shelter, Willie Ray’s Q Shack started stepped up in an unbelievably generous way. Willie Ray’s started giving out free, hot meals to the community through the power outages. Not only did they feed the community while people worked to put everything back together, but they continued on throughout the year and, still to this day, give out free food whenever they can.

Inspirational Generosity

In May of 2021, Willie’s ongoing generosity inspired us at Al’s Full Service to donate an entire pallet of charcoal to help them keep doing the amazing work they’ve never given up on (check out the picture we got with Willie on Facebook). Since August of 2020, the Q Shack has gone on to give out free meals not only in the Cedar Rapids community, but also to other communities around the US in the wake of natural disasters. With overwhelming community support, they have even traveled as far as Louisiana and Texas to pay it forward.

We are so thankful to have businesses like Willie Ray’s that are so invested in the community and people in general. Thank you Willie Ray’s Q Shack for all you have done, and all of your generosity to come!

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